Welcome to the New England Dungeon Society.

The New England Dungeon Society is a pan sexual educational, support and social group.

We conduct regular BDSM seminars, workshops and demonstrations, social events for members and their escorted guests, as well as many and varied special events.

The New England Dungeon Society has been providing a comfortable environment for people to explore bondage, dominance & submission, and their kinkier side since 1992. We are a volunteer organization that depends upon its membership. Please check out the Get Involved page to see how you can help us grow and thrive.

NEDS Presents - Interrogations: Power & Persuasions - January 9th, 2015

This class covers interrogation scenes and interrogation role-play. A good interrogation scene goes well beyond beat the bottom until they safe word - this class will cover the essential elements of any interrogation, issues you may wish to consider, and creative ways for you to incorporate this type of play into your toy bag. We will discuss how to prepare for a scene, set the physical and emotional stage, conduct a successful scene and ultimately repair any physical or psychological hurt you may have caused.

NEDS Presents: Hypnosis 101: A Erotic Hypnotic Holiday! - December 12th, 2014

Interest in Erotic Hypnosis has exploded in recent years. Come find out how you can learn to be a great hypnotist or subject at this Hypnosis 101 class sponsored by NEDS. We'll explore the basics, and time permitting get to some fun triggers, post-hypnotic suggestions, and activities to enhance your BDSM play.

2014 Get Your Kink On Charity Auction Sponsors

The New England Dungeon Society wishes to thank our sponsors for the 2014 Get Your Kink On Auction for Charity.  Our charity night benefited The Center for Sexual Health and Pleasure, Network/LaRed, and the American Cancer Society.  Join us in 2015 for an even bigger event!